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December 20, 2019


Individual MA/MAPD: December 20, 2019

  • OEP: Do’s and don’ts
  • New age-in materials available Dec. 24
  • 2020 commission payments
  • Aetna member ID cards
  • Don’t forget: MBIs must be included
  • 2020 premium payment options
  • Holiday business hours

Open Enrollment Period – What you Need to Know

The Medicare Advantage OEP runs from January 1 – March 31. During this period, beneficiaries who are enrolled in an MA/MAPD plan have a one-time opportunity to change plans. This election period is not available to those with Original Medicare or those enrolled in a standalone Prescription Drug Plan.

OEP Do’s and Don’ts

When assisting your clients during OEP, you must follow CMS guidance outlining permitted and prohibited marketing activities.

  • You may not send unsolicited materials to any MA or MAPD enrollee advertising the ability/opportunity to make an additional enrollment change during the OEP
  • You may:
    • Assist MA/MAPD clients with changing plans during OEP if they contact you and want to make a change.
    • Market to age-in beneficiaries, as well as dual-eligible and low-income subsidy (LIS) beneficiaries, as you normally would. OEP rules do not impact marketing or enrollment rules for these individuals.
    • At a beneficiary’s request, send marketing materials, have one-on-one meetings, and provide information on the OEP.
    • Include general information on your website about enrollment periods, including OEP.

For mroe information, download our 2020 OEP Overview Flyer.

Get Marketing Materials on Studio to Reach those who are Aging into Medicare

Starting December 24, you’ll be able to personalize, order, download and print CMS-approved marketing materials on the Aetna Medicare Marketing Studio to market to beneficiaries who are newly eligible for Medicare. Materials— including flyers, postcards, ads and signs— that previously had AEP messaging will be updated with “Are you turning 65?” messaging.

NEW for 2020: Commissions for SilverScript PDP and Aetna MA/MAPD will be Paid in One Check

Do you sell SilverScript PDP? If so, you’ll begin receiving commissions for 2020 SilverScript PDPs (plans effective January 1, 2020 and beyond) at the same time as Aetna MA/MAPD plans. Commissions for both products will be included in one check.

Note: Commissions for SilverScript plans with an earlier effective date (prior to January 1, 2020) will continue to be paid separately as they are today.

Commission Payment Start January 7

Commissions for 2020 plans will start generating the first week of January. You can expect the first payment to appear in your bank account starting on January 7. To review future payment dates, see the 2020 commission schedule on Producer World. If you need to update your banking or W9 info on Producer World, just follow these instructions.

What to Expect

We process and pay commissions for Aetna MA/MAPD plans and SilverScript PDPs (policies effective January 1, 2020) on a weekly basis.

You’ll receive a weekly commission statement via email from DoNotReply@ICMCommissions.Aetna.com.

You can access compensation reports for Aetna MA/MAPD and SilverScript PDPs (policies effective January 1, 2020) on Producer World, starting January 6. Reports are updated every Monday.

When do Members get an Aetna Member ID Card?

When members enroll in a new Aetna MA/MAPD plan and their application is accepted, we’ll send them a new ID card by mail usually within 14 days. Members will need to use this this card to access their MA/MAPD plan benefits when visiting their health care provider. Members can also view or print a copy of their member ID card, or request a new card by mail, through their secure member website.

Reminder: All Enrollments must include an MBI number starting January 1

Starting January 1, 2020, all enrollment applications submitted must include your clients’ new Medicare ID number (i.e., the Medicare Beneficiary Identifier or MBI). CMS will no longer accept Health Insurance Claim Numbers (HICNs) as the Medicare ID. This means when you’re submitting an Aetna MA/MAPD or SilverScript PDP application, you need to include your clients’ MBI number. If the MBI number is not included, we will not be able to process the application. Learn more about the new MBI number.

2020 Premium Payment Options for Members

Remember, when members enroll in an MA/MAPD plan, they must select a premium payment method on the enrollment form. There are three payment options to choose from: an automatic deduction from a bank account (i.e., EFT); a coupon book payment or monthly invoice (i.e., direct pay); or a Social Security Administration or Railroad Retirement Benefit deduction.

Top 6 Questions Members Have:

  1. What is a monthly invoice or coupon book?
  2. When are monthly premiums due?
  3. Can members pay more than the amount due?
  4. Can members send one check to pay for themselves and their spouse?
  5. How can members change their payment option to have premiums automatically deducted from a bank account or credit card?
  6. How can members update their contact information?

Broker Services Department Holiday Hours

If you have questions, just contact your local Aetna Medicare broker manager. Or, you can contact the Aetna Medicare Broker Services Department at 1-866-714-9301 or brokersupport@aetna.com. Normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 8 AM – 8 PM ET. Please note that our office will close early on December 24 and December 31, and we will be closed on December 25 and January 1, as shown below.

  • December 24: 8 AM – 5 PM ET
  • December 25: Closed
  • December 31: 8 AM – 5 PM ET
  • January 1: Closed

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