Aetna | Medicare Producer News – December 4, 2019

December 4, 2019

  • End of AEP guidance & deadlines
  • OEP Rules of the Road webinar
  • Ascend app + telephone enrollment option
  • Leaving money on the table? Use VBE
  • Call us to check DSNP eligibility
  • Check enrollment status online
  • Call us for help finding providers
  • Saturday business hours

Only 3 Days Left in AEP

Remember, AEP ends Saturday, December 7, and all Medicare AEP marketing efforts must cease on that date. Be sure to follow the guidelines below to submit your final AEP enrollments to us.

End of AEP Guidance and Deadlines

December 7
  • All AEP applications for an effective date of January 1, 2020, must be completed, signed, dated and received by the agent no later than 11:59 PM, December 7, 2019.
  • You, the agent, must sign and date the application no later than 11:59 PM, December 7, 2019, too.
  • You may not backdate the member signature date, agent receipt date, or agent signature date.
Submit Apps within 2 Days We must receive signed enrollment applications within two calendar days after you receive them from beneficiaries.
December 9 December 9, is the last day to submit all applications that were signed and dated December 7, 2019.
After AEP If you receive a completed enrollment application after AEP ends on December 7, do not hold or destroy it. Under CMS rules, you must still submit it to us within two calendar days as noted above. We then will process or deny the enrollment as appropriate.

Join the OEP Rules of the Road webinar, December 12 at 4 PM

Don’t Forget about the Telephonic Enrollment Option (RATE) Available through the Ascend App

The Ascend Virtual Sales Office app is a fast and efficient way to submit your final AEP enrollments electronically. Plus, if you use the Remote Agent Telephonic Enrollment (RATE) tool available in Ascend, you can enroll your clients over the phone after you’ve completed an initial meeting with them. This can help you save time and enroll more clients.

Don’t Leave Money on the Table- Earn up to $50 per enrollment with the value-based enrollment (VBE) option

When submitting your final 2020 MA/MAPD enrollments with the Ascend app, don’t forget to initiate the value-based enrollment option. It just takes a few extra clicks after you finish the enrollment. You can earn an extra service fee payment of up to $50 if your clients choose to participate. The VBE option is available in 45 states. Check with your local broker manager to find out if it’s available in your market. Learn more.

Remember, after you complete the VBE option, be sure to provide your client with their confirmation number. Although it’s not required, it’ll help improve their experience when the wellness advocates calls.

Extended hours for D-SNP Eligibility Verification

Don’t forget, if you need a way to verify that your client is eligible for a 2020 Aetna Dual Special Needs Plan (DSNP), available in select markets, just call the Broker Services Department at 1-866-714-9301 and select option 7. On Saturday, December 7, DSNP eligibility verification will be available from 9 AM – 8 PM ET.

Check App Status Online: Newly submitted enrollments are added to your reports within 7 Days

After you submit an enrollment application, it may take up to 7 days for it to appear in your Pending Application report on Producer World. To view your reports:

  1. Log in to Producer World
  2. Select the reports tab
  3. Then, click on “Access Reporting”
  4. Finally, click on “Pending Application Report” to view your submitted apps

Call us for help looking up in-network providers

Need help verifying that certain providers are in network? If you’re having trouble with our online provider directory tool, AetnaMedicare.com/findprovider, or are on the road, just call the Broker Services Department at 1-866-714-9301 and select option 2. We can help look up specific doctors.

You're Invited! Join the 2020 OEP Rules of the Road Webinar

Review the CMS guidelines for the Medicare Advantage (MA) Open Enrollment Period (OEP) at a complimentary webinar on December 12. During the call, we’ll cover all the ins-and-outs of OEP so you’re ready to assist your clients starting January 1.

Rules of the Road webinar: December 12, 4 – 5 PM EST

Broker Services Department hours for the last week of AEP

We’re here to help you finish AEP strong! If you have questions, just contact your local Aetna Medicare broker manager. Or, you can contact the Aetna Medicare Broker Services Department at 1-866-714-9301 or brokersupport@aetna.com. Normal business hours are 8 AM to 8 PM ET, Monday-Friday. This Saturday, December 7, we’ll be open from 8 AM – 8PM ET.

Contact a Pinnacle Representative if you have any questions.

1 (800) 772-6881


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