Cigna- CSB Agents: Reminder, Important Operational Change Starts TODAY!

Aug 2, 2018 | Life

Changes starting August 1st, 2018 for Final Expense only

TODAY we will be implementing a new operational change starting  with Final Expense. This change will help reduce policy cancellations and provide peace of mind to your customers.

  • Draft on Issue – Currently we allow for policies to be drafted at the time of the effective date of the policy.  Our new policy will be to draft at the time of policy issue.  This change will goes into effect TODAY for Final Expense with other products to follow soon after, so watch your email.

Express App Update

We have added a note on Express App to inform your customers that they will be drafted upon policy issue.  This note will appear for all products, but only Final Expense is drafting upon policy issue at this time.

All paper applications must use an EFT form dated 3/18 or later.  The app packets that are currently available through Supply already have a 3/18 or later date.  Cigna will not accept FE paper applications with old EFT forms after 8/1/18 and they could be returned to the agent if they are not using the updated form.

Note: Advance commissions for Final Expense are only paid on bank draft business and only at the original activation of the Final Expense policy.

For more information please review our FAQs.  We are confident this change will help keep policy cancellations at a minimum and that you will find this to be beneficial.