Inbound vs Outbound Marketing

July 30, 2020

As the Medicare market continues to become more technologically driven, agents need to make sure some of their marketing mirrors that. I wanted to take the time to discuss the differences in the old school vs new school styles and how you can still use both to get the most of your marketing.

Outbound Marketing

When I say “old school” I mean outbound marketing. Outbound marketing used to be referred to just as marketing. This is anything type of marketing where the agent is making the first contact. Back when most insurance agents started to market, this was the only style of marketing there was….and it worked. Some examples of these would be cold calls, email blasts, mail drops, door knocks to name a few examples. As a side note, this strategy still works just not as much as it used to.  In order to capitalize on this method, you need to pick a niche market within Medicare rather than sending generic T65 mailers. There are a few of these niche markets to choose from and our lead programs can specifically target those. The discounted programs we offer using this method are guaranteed response leads, bulk mailers, and prospecting lists you can use to cold call where it is compliant.

Inbound Marketing

As you might have guessed inbound marketing as a lot to do with technology and is a mostly newer type of approach. Inbound marketing is essentially when your targeted audience makes the first contact with the agent. Now, this sounds obviously like the much better option, but you will need to invest some time, research, and maybe and some hard-earned money here or there to achieve this. The easiest example of inbound marketing that even the oldest of agents are familiar with is a referral.  This can happen without technology and just by word of mouth but imagine getting clients contacting you from your working radius or even from a different city or state where you work who did not know you previously.  Inbound marketing has relatively lower costs depending on how well you are with the internet, where you may have to pay is having someone manage your website and possibly an SEO service to help you utilize the correct words to help your blogs draw more attendance. That brings me to my next topic which would be an example of inbound marketing, a blog. We recommend you do this biweekly and pick topics on what your target audience might type into their internet search. If you would like to see some examples, you are reading one, but if you want to see more check out our blogs on our website.  Assuming you have a website, we can teach you how to optimize your brand’s look online and how to appear on more prospective client’s internet searches. Feel free to check out my webinar I did covering this topic here.

You often pay more for outbound marketing and you can usually see results from your campaign quicker i.e: mailing cards coming back in 3-4 weeks. Inbound marketing however is not going to be successful overnight, but there is not as much cost involved. If you can spend an hour at the end of each day looking up good topics to write about you could be seeing yourself on google searches sooner than later. Paired with our client and agent facing enrollment website Connect4Medicare. Agents have access to tools such as electronic scope of appointments, and text app features to offer in-person and over the phone enrollment capabilities and capitalize on your marketing efforts.

As a top Medicare FMO, Pinnacle Financial Services will assist in guiding and training you on all aspects of lead generation. 

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