Dental Plans for Seniors

July 9, 2021

Offering Dental Plans for Seniors is a huge opportunity for insurance agents. It is a great way to cross-sell and make some additional income while helping your clients with coverage they want and need. Studies show that the more policies you have with a client the less likely they are to drop off the books.  Persistency is the key to your renewal base.

Best Dental Options

Pinnacle Financial Services offers many great Dental products to quote and offer your clients.  Whether you are on the go or in an office we have you covered.  We offer free quoting tools for all of our agents that you can quote on a desktop or on a mobile phone

Availability of Dental Plans

Depending on open what state you sell in, we offer many Dental carriers such as Cigna, Humana, Medico, and more.  We also offer National Care Dental a product that offers a plan with up to 5K in benefits.  Every client is different. Some may need just a base plan for cleaning and maintenance or a 5K plan for major work. 

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Dustin Ofsharick

Dustin Ofsharick

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