How to Enroll Clients in Aetna Medicare Electronically

May 19, 2020

The current COVID-19 Epidemic has accelerated the need for agents to learn how to both find and enroll clients using telephonic and electronic means.  All Pinnacle agents have free access to Connect4Medicare, an online platform that can put most carriers together in one easy portal.  This takes the place of the Medicare website, giving you the ability to lookup doctors, enter prescription drug info, and enroll clients in one place. 


There may be situations where you need to use each individual carrier’s enrollment tools, such as when a client does not have access to a computer or email address.  Aetna currently has two separate entities for Medicare, Medicare Advantage/PDP, and Medicare Supplement.  In order to offer both, you will need to be contracted with each separately, as well as be appointed in any state that you wish to sell.  Once you are ready-to-sell, you have full access to all means of enrollment.

How to enrollment in Aetna Electronically for Medicare Advantage

Aetna Medicare Advantage has many tools available to agents, including both the Ascend and Rate tools, which act as their electronic enrollment tools.  Aetna uses its Producer’s World website as a home for agents.  This is where you can do anything from accessing commission statements to downloading enrollment tools. The first part of every Medicare sale is the Scope of Appointment.  You can complete a scope of appointment during lockdown electronically by email or text using the Ascend Application, telephonically using Aetna’s line 844-334-2247, or through the mail.  Each non-paper option provided by Aetna will maintain the scope for the required 10 years. The application itself can also be completed in several ways.  First, you may email an E-kit for the client to complete using Ascend.  To complete the application completely by phone, you need access to the RATE tool, which requires training and a quiz by your local broker manager.  Finally, you can mail an application, or do curbside drop off/pick up.

How to enrollment in Aetna Electronically for Medicare Supplement

As mentioned earlier, Aetna Medicare Supplement is a separate operation, accessed through the Aetna Senior Products division.  Your writing number for Aetna supplements will begin with GNW, rather than your National Producer Number.  The supplemental products can be enrolled using the Aetna Quote and Enroll system.  One great feature of Quote and Enroll is the ability to show the client multiple product lines and enroll them all in one place with one application.  The other products include Final Expense, Cancer/Heart/Stroke, Dental/Vision/Hearing, Home Care, Hospital Indemnity, and more.  All products can be viewed and added to the quote in a shopping cart like experience.  Once you have chosen the products and completed the application, the client has multiple options to sign.  They can get an email, sign in person, or complete a phone call.

No matter the product or plan that best fits the needs of your client, you have the tools needed to enroll them compliantly and safely distanced.  Pinnacle Financial Services offers webinar and one-on-one training for all our agents, as well as free access to our website and online enrollment system.

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