2021 Anthem First Look Information

July 24, 2020

Anthem was the first carrier to release their first look information for the 2021 plan season. Typical of most product benefit first looks, they have made most of the generic benefit information available. As with all carriers, you will want to be sure to connect with the local market agent rep. to get in-depth information on the products in the counties where you work. Keep an eye on our calendar for registration information in local markets as well as on the webinars we hold to bring you up to speed on the new plan options.


2021 Anthem First Look Certification Information

The first step with any carrier is to become certified and ready to sell. Only agents who are active with Anthem receive 2021 first look information. Remember that nothing can be shared with Medicare beneficiaries prior to October 1st. Our AEP Toolkit will constantly be updated with current benefit and certification information for this year. Anthem requires you to complete AHIP, as well as its product-specific certifications for your market. There are many benefits to certifying early, such as being able to pre-order supplies as early as August 7th.

2021 Anthem First Look Product Info

Anthem goes by different names in different states, such as Empire, Amerigroup, Simply, etc. They all carry the full weight of Anthem and are becoming more integrated all the time. There are expansions in different territories, as well as some exciting new plans with low benefit options. Anthem continues to be a leader in the ancillary benefit space. Many of their plan options will automatically include Dental, vision, and hearing benefits at no cost to the member. Anthem is continuing its a la carte option with specialty benefits this year as well, where a member can choose a specific enhanced benefit that best fits their needs. With the current COVID-19 situation, there will be a greater emphasis on telehealth, which Anthem offers in a unique way.

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