Annuities are insurance contracts in which the company promises to pay a stream of income either now or sometime in the future. Annuities can give clients the stability they are looking for during their retirement years. Their benefits include protection of principal from market volatility, fixed interest growth, tax deferral and a predictable guaranteed lifetime stream of income.

Fixed Annuity

Interest is set by the insurance company for a period of time.

Immediate Annuity

With an immediate annuity or spia, the insurance company will begin a guaranteed fixed income payment within a year from contract issue. Client can choose a guarantee lifetime payment or typically a payment as short as 5 years depending on the goals.

Fixed Index Annuity

Interest is credited based on the change of an index such as the S&P 500. Because your money is not actually invested in the index there is never a risk of loss due to market fluctuations.

The annuity landscape is ever evolving from regulatory change to company product changes. The team at Pinnacle Financial Services is here to partner with you as you navigate the annuity landscape.

From case analysis and design to comprehensive suitability evaluation we will help you find the right solution for your clients.

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