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Global Atlantic | 2X income for a healthcare need

Double income for a healthcare need. Would your clients like added protection in the event of healthcare need?

Humana | Use this MCA survey to help clients on their health journey

Why the MCA matters to members—and you. Maintaining health is more than simply visiting the doctor—environmental and social circumstances also have an impact on one’s health.

Protective | Offer a strong GUL with flexible options

Life is full of uncertainty and expiration dates — two things you may want to avoid when offering clients a life insurance solution. They need simplicity, guarantees, and lifetime protection.

UHC | 2021 NY Rate Information Update for AARP Medicare Supplement Plans

2020 New York premium rates for AARP® Medicare Supplement Plans from UnitedHealthcare® will continue through at least July 1, 2021. This is a change from the previously announced date of May 1, 2021.

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Cigna | An Update To Healthy Benefits+

We have recently received information from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that changes in the eligibility are required for the Healthy Benefits+ Produce benefit that is available in the Mid Atlantic/Pennsylvania market.

Cigna | Making it easier for you: verifying eligibility

Here at Cigna, we continue to look for ways to make your experience with us easier without sacrificing service or quality. One of the latest ways we are able to do this is by making it easier and quicker for you to verify customer eligibility.

NGL | EssentialLTC StrateCision Update

EssentialLTC Update, EssentialLTC in StrateCision, The enhanced version of EssentialLTC has been approved for use in StrateCision’s programs.

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